I’m sorry for the lack if updates but my tablet kicked the bucket and I’m kinda of homeless so I’ve been mostly on my phone on my mun blog…so I’m on break till my tablet is a) fixed b) we buy a new one….I’ll update when I get it fixed or a new one…
-Maple mun

heros-sidekick inquired:
does anyone of you have total ownership of the remote? i usually see that (( hi senpai~ ))

((I’m no senpai!! /v\))

Anonymous inquired:
What are you guys favorite type of kiss? Butterfly, long... French?

Anonymous inquired:
Who is the bigger dork between you two.

They both are the biggest dorks! There is  no way to tell who is the biggest one!

Anonymous inquired:
You 2 are adorable! What you guys do in the weekends?

Anonymous inquired:
When did you two realize you were in love?

Matthew: At this places one blessed morning!? 

Anonymous inquired:
Hi guys!... I need love advise. My boyfriend and I don't get to see each other a lot and when we do, I just want to him to hold me and kiss me, and he does but he's ready for that other step... I feel so much pressure specially because we have been dating almost 4 years. I love him and he's everything I got I don't want to lose him... Should I just talk to him and tell him not yet? Sorry this was so long and thanks !

(( If his ready for the next step and your not that’s ok!(It’s normal!) But it’s best he know so that he can understand you need a little more time so your not pressured! I’m sure that he’ll love you even if you want wait a little longer! Just tell him that you need time and when your ready to take that step then you will!  It’s sound like he really loves you and I’m sure he’ll understand deary!
  I wish you best of luck and I hope this helps a little!~ ))((I got up out of bed to reply I felt that I need to reply quickly to this!It’s ok for the long ask!))

My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns,eh?


so i was digging and cleaning out files and I ran into a older picture! This picture was from the 1st run of this cutie little blog here!~ So I redrew it for fun!~ 
- Maple mun out!~